The Best Supplement For Pregnancy

Meet the #1 protein shake specifically formulated for pregnant and breastfeeding moms, mPower is the quickest (and tastiest) way for mothers to get their protein & prenatal multi-vitamin requirement & control weight gain!

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About Fitness & Health Expert Michelle Marie:

Michelle Marie has been a fitness and health expert for over 20 years. Working one-on-one with hundreds of women from celebrities to the stay at home mom.  She has also worked with over 250,000 women online.  Helping them have healthy & fit pregnancies, lose their baby weight faster than in previous pregnancies and helping them get in better shape than before having kids.

Michelle has 11 certifications and has studied and learned from the smartest and most successful minds in the fitness & nutrition industry.

Michelle is 40 years old, and has 2 kids who take up a lot of her time.  They are involved in many activities including competitive baseball, cheerleading, dance, tutoring.. and the list goes on.

Michelle works full time running her online fitness business Michelle Marie Fit where she helps moms be healthy, fit and confident with her online programs and supplements.  She is a major foodie and loves to eat.  She chooses to do only things SHE LOVES and starts her days in prayer and devotion daily.  She exercises 3-4 times a week and is in the best shape of her life (even better than when she was in her 20's).  She believes the key to getting in shape and being able to maintain it is finding that perfect BALANCE & MODERATION, and she lives to help MOMS find it.