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Why is this probiotic better than most in the market?


Aside from being medical grade and doctor formulated, this probiotic uses the 3 most important and plentiful forms of probiotic strains that do the most good.


Most probiotics don't contain these because it is the most premium kind and that costs money.  But we were able to pull it off while keeping your cost at a minimum.

Probiotic Plus uses Enteric Coating and Nano-Encapsulation to ensure that the active probiotic strains go where they need to in order to give you maximum benefits.

This also makes it incredibly shelf-stable, which most high quality probiotics are not.  You don't have to worry about keeping it cold which has a massive die-off in most liquid probiotics  that are exposed to higher temperatures.


In addition, Probiotic Plus is herbally optimized with:

  • Barberry Root which helps reduce candida.
  • Licorice Root for antibacterial benefits.
  • Garlic Clove to boost gut health.
  • Goldenseal for fighting off bad bacteria that interferes with good gut health.


It is also optimized with key vitamins to help boost skin health because this Probiotic is not only exceptional for making you healthier but also helps you LOOK HEALTHIER.

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc Citrate
  • Biotin

Benefits of Taking a Probiotic

  • Increases Immune Function
  • Protects the gut against hostile bacteria and helps prevent infection.
  • Improves digestion and absorption of food and nutrients.
  • May help lose weight and belly fat by preventing the absorption of dietary fat in the intestine so that it's excreted rather than stored.
  • Reduces symptoms of digestive disorders.
  • Helps lower LDL (Bad cholesterol) and improves blood pressure.
  • Improves mental health disorders.
  • Improves most auto immune diseases by healing the gut.