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If you wake up feeling tired and struggle to get a good nights sleep, or wake up feeling tired...  this is going to be one of the most powerful and beneficial supplements you can take.


Sleep and rest is as important or more than exercise and diet.

Lack of sleep can cause sickness as well as it makes it close to impossible to burn fat and lose weight because of the hormones you release when you don't sleep.


If you don't sleep enough or have poor sleep, you are going to love this.

Our Sleep blend is magnificent in its simplicity.

It's NOT habit forming, DOESN'T make you feel groggy and helps you feel HAPPY.


It has a very small amount of melatonin which is enough to help you fall asleep but not enough to make you dependent on it.

Most sleep supplements use a super physiologic amount that is way more than your body would naturally product to get you to fall asleep and we don't like that so this amount mimics your natural healthy interactions for your body to fall asleep.


In addition, our sleep blend has 2 key ingredients which are NATURALLY PRESENT IN YOUR BODY but sometimes go out of order and we use these to supplement the natural processes that your body already wants to do when its working properly: 

  • GABA 
  • 5-HTP

They help calm your thoughts and boost serotonin.


But by far what makes Sleep Happy the best supplement in the market and the most effective is that we have added an amino acid which helps produce melatonin in the body naturally.


This allows your body to produce melatonin all throughout the night so that you don't just fall asleep but so that you stay asleep.


Most people who have been unsuccessful with melatonin is because they get a good hit of it that's enough to fall asleep but then they can't stay asleep and Sleep Happy will ensure you STAY ASLEEP.


Not only that but you won't wake up feeling groggy because the amino acid in the formula will help your body use the left overs to wake you up and make serotonin (the happy hormone) so you wake up feeling happy and rested.


There is nothing like it.


Getting enough sleep and rest is crucial for a healthy body and also aids in fat loss.


IF YOU ARE PREGNANT, this supplement is safe.

As always, please check with your doctor before taking it.


You are building a life inside of you and enough sleep is necessary in order for your body to develop and grow a healthy baby.

If your sleep is interrupted a lot during pregnancy and you don't feel rested when you wake up, Sleep Happy is going to become your next BFF.