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MMF Vitamin D3
-Mood Regulator
-Promotes Immune Function
-Reduces Inflammation
-Supports Bone & Muscle Health

This high quality, medical grade Vitamin D3 is great for supporting and strengthening immune function which helps in preventing infections and colds.

There is significant data showing people with vitamin D deficiencies are at a higher risk of Covid-19.  

Delights' high quality acts as a great anti-inflammatory which also helps prevent illnesses and aids in fat loss with it's appetite suppressing effect.

Delight plays an important role in regulating mood and and reducing the chances of depression.

Vitamin D has been shown to have a significant effect on blood sugar, making it incredibly important for insulin resistance and diabetics.

It also helps control good and bad cholesterol.



  • The Vitamin D3 in DELIGHT is very important for keeping the mother and baby healthy during pregnancy.
  • Higher Levels of Vitamin D3 are REQUIRED during pregnancy due to enhanced intestinal calcium absorption and increased fetal requirements of calcium.
  • A good quality Vitamin D3 is important for baby's bone health and has been seen to 
Note:  Prenatal's or multivitamins do not have the necessary Vitamin D required during pregnancy.

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Jennifer anderson

Delight - Vitamin D

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Celeste McAffee
Great quality, noticeable results!

I’m a busy mom with two little kiddos. I am always exhausted and as much as I love my naps, I don’t always get to take them. Since starting taking my vitamin B 12, Vitamin D and my Mega fish oil supplements from mpower. I can’t believe the energy I have! I use to die if I couldn’t get a nap in and now I don’t need them. I also noticed I have less belly bloat and my mood has been more stable. My left inside elbow use to be sore every time I would workout. Lately I haven’t noticed any pain and the inflammation has gone down. I can now do my workouts with no trouble or joint pain whatsoever! In general I am overall happier and pain free thanks to these AMAZING supplements! I’m a customer for life!