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Pregnancy Diet Plan

Exercise Is Amazing For Pregnancy, It Helps TONE The Body, STRENGTHEN It, & Helps Prevent The Post-Partum Pooch...

But The ONE THING That Will Impact Momma's Health & Fitness Results The Most Is... Nutrition.  The RIGHT NUTRITION Will Help Control Weight Gain So That LOSING WEIGHT POSTPARTUM Is A Lot Easier & Faster!

Figuring out what is nutritious for baby but will help momma stay within goal weight can be difficult.  Especially if you want to prevent nausea & have plenty of energy...

But it's possible!  And after working with over 200,000 pregnant women, I have found a super-effective (and delicious) way to eat that benefits the baby's health while keeping momma in shape!  Best of all, the entire family can eat this way!


The most delicious collagen drink you've ever had!

No other collagen has this unique ability! ✨💎

Our Collagen Powder gives you everything you need for AMAZING skin, free moving joints, stronger nails and thicker hair.


Our Dr. formulated blend combines the most effective combination of synergistic ingredients to give you exactly what you need in one-scoop-per-day for optimal results.



Experts have done clinical studies where they can radioactively tag hydrolyzed collagen II proteins, have somebody consume them, and scan to see those complete collagen proteins show up in the person's skin cells.

They cannot make that happen by radio-tagging any other type of collagen.

All other collagen types act ONLY as a protein, and your body will use them as building blocks for things other than your skin.

So the next time you see a product that says...

"This is a great product because it's got ALL these different types of collagen!"

Think of the fact that somebody's trying to pass off rubies and sapphires as diamonds.

Please don't fall for it, because the value is much, much lower.

Choose results that are backed by science - look for hydrolyzed collagen II!


REFRESH is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Organically Sourced, Doctor Formulated, and it is also a "Boosted" collagen, HCII is the very highest quality collagen available, it is the most bio-available and in fact, it helps to stimulate the growth of Hydrolyzed Collagen Type I and Type III. Type II is the only form of Collagen that can do this. 

In addition to using the most PREMIUM type of collagen, we have perfected this blend by adding some other ingredients.



Our intelligent, Doctor formulated blend is quite simply the best there is.

In addition to only using the highest quality available Hydrolyzed Collagen II we further enhanced the effectiveness of our collagen blend with strategic use of select vitamins and minerals.

We use a HUGE amount of Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid, which is purported to increase collagen gene expression and is a cofactor for enzymes in collagen stabilization. There is the potential for a 7x increase in skin hydration and a 10x improvement in the visual appearance of wrinkles.


Vitamin E also provides benefits in firmness and structure of the skin.


These vitamins improve skin aging. 


MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a sulfite that has been shown to reduce the time to benefit from use with collagen. Additionally, by using MSM in our collagen supplement there are measurable improvements in the number and severity of wrinkles and improved hydration of the skin.  This is also necessary for proper joint health and will help you tons with any kind of joint discomfort.


Hyaluronic Acid

We added this because it helps moisturizes the skin and is expected to improve the quality of life for people who suffer from dry skin.


This will help the photo-protective properties to the skin.



CoQ10 has been shown to limit seasonal deterioration of viscoelasticity and reduced some visible signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Another huge benefit of REFRESH is that we DO NOT USE SUGAR.

Our skin is made of elastin and collagen, they make our skin soft and supple.

Sugar causes cross-linking of collagen, resulting in loss of elasticity and stiffening of our skin. The more sugar we consume, the more our skin begins to suffer.


Vitamin B12

MMF Vitamin B-12

-Immune Function Support
-Energy & Mood Booster
-Promotes Brain & Nervous System Function

*Maximum Absorption

Boost comes in the form of a LOZENGE, which makes it better than your regular Vitamin B.
Most B12 vitamins are swallowed, which decreases the ABSORBABILITY. 
Boost is absorbed sublingually, which increases absorption and is the most optimal and effective way to consume Vitamin B.
  • Boost eEnergy Production
  • Encourage Healthy Cell Formation
  • May Prevent Mood Swings
  • Renew Hair, Skin and Nails
  • Supports Bone Health
  • Supports Mental Sharpness & Alertness
  • Aids In Preventing Memory Loss
  • Helps Vitamin B9 In The Formation Of Red Blood Cells


  • Adequate vitamin B12 levels are crucial to a healthy pregnancy.
  • Studies show that a fetus’s brain and nervous system require sufficient B12 levels from the mother to develop properly.
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency in the beginning stages of pregnancy may increase the risk of birth defects, such as neural tube defects.
  • Maternal vitamin B12 deficiency may contribute to premature birth or miscarriage.


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